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Things I Say in my Sleep

This one’s complete gibberish, I can’t decipher it, it’s bollocks.


Anyone got any ideas? Answers on a postcard. Or in the comments section, that might be easier.

Things I Say in my Sleep

Paranoia’s setting in I think.

“Too, too, too coincidental”

Hear it here.

Things CHARLIE says in her sleep

My sleep talk app did something new a couple of nights ago, it picked up Charlie talking in her sleep! Not only was it unexpected, it was hilarious!

“Yeah…(ahem) she might ask me where Saturn is, we’re in trouble”

Now I don’t know if Saturn is a code word and she thought she was a spy or if she was actually worried about terrorists stealing the ringed planet, but it’s very funny. It might just be Charlie’s subconscious trying to make my blog all about her.
Listen to it here.

Things I say in my sleep

I surprised myself with my ability to annunciate whilst sleeping with this one!

“They spell really well.”

Hear it here.

Things I say in my sleep

Here’s a good one, not only is it weird, it’s complete gibberish.

“Puddle, Magnetic”

Hear it.

Things I Say in my Sleep

I have an app on my iPhone called Sleep Talk. Basically it allows you to monitor yourself while you sleep and records any noises you make. Most of the time it just picks up my snoring but occasionally it’ll record me saying ludicrous things in my sleep. Here’s a good one.

“Why’re you trying to get bones?”

Listen to it here
Creepy no? I have no idea what I was dreaming. I’ll post more of these as good ones come up.