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Charlie’s Quotes – Flamingos

Charlie’s brain went on holiday briefly the other evening and she asked me this

“Are Flamingos birds? I’m just checking in case they were mammals or something.”

I’ll give her a break as she’s been ill and what with the post wedding blues and all, although I may have to keep her away from the cats for a few days.

Charlie’s Quotes – A snapshot of the tension in our house

Here is a text that shows the tension and resentment that goes on between Fizzgig and Charlie


Before you’re all like “Why’d you leave that poor cat out in the rain?”, I’d like to point out he was called multiple times and we had to go to bed. The stripey bastard therefore got everything he deserved.

If you’re wondering how Charlie is being so specific about her sleep quality, don’t worry, she’s not some kind of advanced cyborg, there’s an app for that.

 In other news, I retired the original blogspot blog today, with a shotgun, behind the barn.

Charlie’s Quotes – You Cats…

As I was brushing my teeth this morning, Charlie’s voice drifted up the stairs:

“You cats are such pricks sometimes!”

Needless to say the mirror got covered in toothpaste.