Things I Say in my Sleep

I have an app on my iPhone called Sleep Talk. Basically it allows you to monitor yourself while you sleep and records any noises you make. Most of the time it just picks up my snoring but occasionally it’ll record me saying ludicrous things in my sleep. Here’s a good one.

“Why’re you trying to get bones?”

Listen to it here
Creepy no? I have no idea what I was dreaming. I’ll post more of these as good ones come up.

3 Thoughts on “Things I Say in my Sleep

  1. Have you been watching ‘The Burbs’ again?!! Lol

  2. Hehe i love listening to random things people say in their sleep. It amazes me how your brain never really switches off and the really random things you think off while asleep.

    I have a bad habit of talking and dreaming about the last thing my husband tells me before i sleep. He made up a random story about cabbage planets where i was queen of the brussels sprouts, where they flew around in carrot space ships and low and behold i had that very random dream!!!

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